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Introducing OxyGo

As Uttam group enterprise, we have been oxygenating the medical Industry for over 40 years State of the art hygienic and portable products and services are made available at your door step.

OxyGo aims to set its customers free by providing portable solutions.
Our company offers Aluminum Alloy Oxygen Cylinder. It can be used to treat acute or chronic respiratory failures, to relieve some headaches or to help with wound healing.
It is one of the best help for road accident or home first aid. As recreational, you can carry it while traveling or trekking through high areas.

OxyGo is also available in the hospital, in the aid stations and ambulances, but also at home, with our home care service. For more information, please click here.



A complete mobile oxygen kit to carry everywhere – 45% lighter than steel.

Rust Free

Rust free

Made of aluminium alloy, OxyGo is hygienic and rust free – special internal cleaning process.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Finger operated valve and regulator – can be used by anyone.



No particles of corrosion inside the cylinder to keep oxygen quality.
Refillable and reusable, OxyGo is MRI compatible.