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About Oxygo

OxyGo is a personal oxygen therapy kit. The cylinder is made of non-corrosive aluminium alloy & alluminium lined carbon fiber for special application. These cylinders are especially cleaned for oxygen service, approved by PESO in India. A perfect solution for Respiratory illnesses & Healthcare professionals for their Oxygen needs on the go.

Oxygen Treatment increases the amount of oxygen that flows into your lungs and bloodstream. If your COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is very bad and your blood oxygen levels are low.

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How to use Oxygo

As a COPD sufferer of very long standing I must say, I am very, very pleased with Oxygo, promptness of supply and quality of the product is an added advantage. Your after sales serivce is second to NONE!! I cannot praise you enough.

Sanjay Gupta Gurgaon

A very big thank you to the Oxygo team for such a wonderful product. My mum has had one lung removed and has chronic asthma / lung disease. These machines gave her freedom to be mobile. It is a very user friendly and easy to use portable oxgen cylinder. I will recommend Oxygo to others as well.

Amandeep Delhi

Since using the portable oxygen cylinder my quality of life has improved and is enhanced- literally a new lease of life: I sleep better, have more energy, am more enabled, can think clearer- I never realised how sleep apnea and breathing problems robbed me of life. I completely recommend the use of Oxygo is an essential in life. I thank the oxygo staff for their prompt servce. I was provided everything I required as a full kit

Nagarjun Chettiar Tamilnadu

I believe many more people need oxygen supplement to enhance their lives and like me, did not realise how much they were missing by not getting enough air - it has improved my outlook, helped concentration, rest and activity, and where pain held me back, better oxygenation has helped pain management; I am no longer a prisoner in my disabilities literally rejuvenating my life; turning the clock back on the severity of symptoms and breathing difficulties “if you cant breathe well, you cant do anything. with freestyle I have a lifestyle I can go anywhere with - fully portable, my horizon no longer ends out of breath at the boundary of my garden gate.

Ankit Agarkar Pune

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Why do we need oxygen supplement?

Oxygen is a drug and must be prescribed by your physician. Oxygen is gas at room temperature that is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. When we breath we use the approximately 21% oxygen in the air to sustain our lives. Our bodies get energy from a combination of the food we eat plus oxygen from the air we breathe. The energy created from food and oxygen enables us to use our muscles to breathe, perform work, and carry out all bodily functions.

How did my doctor determine that I need home oxygen therapy?

If you have ever experienced difficulty breathing, or if you have lung or heart problems, you have probably wondered about using oxygen at home. A heart weakened by disease may not be able to pump as much oxygen carrying blood and a lung disease may diminish your body’s ability to pass oxygen into your bloodstream. Your doctor has prescribed home oxygen for you based on laboratory tests that measure the level of oxygen in your blood, a physical examination, and or an assessment of your symptoms, that the use of oxygen in the home will be a benefit to you. Without oxygen you might experience fatigue, diminished ability for activities, memory loss, moments of confusion, or breathing difficulties.

Will I always have to use oxygen?

Your doctor will determine how much oxygen you should receive and for how many hours each day. For the maximum benefit be sure to follow your doctor’s order exactly.

Can I have an addiction to oxygen?

No, oxygen is not addicting. If your doctor determines that your capability to properly oxygenate yourself without oxygen has improved, you may no longer require supplemental home oxygen.

Am I getting enough oxygen? Can I get too much?

The only way to know that you are getting the correct amount of oxygen is to check the oxygen level in your blood while using oxygen therapy. Too much oxygen can be as dangerous as not receiving enough, and for that reason, you should follow your doctors directions precisely. If you do develop new symptoms, such as increased sleepiness, confusion, headaches, etc., you might be getting too much oxygen, and you should notify your physician immediately. Do not change the liter flow or hours of usage without first checking with your doctor.

What benefits will I see while using home oxygen therapy?

Once you begin your home oxygen therapy you can look forward to sleeping better, remember things better, being less irritable, feel more energetic, and suffer fewer depressions. Your ability to endure more exercise will increase and you typically spend less time hospitalized. You will be able to lead a happier and more productive life.

How does Oxygen get delivered to my body?

Using oxygo cylinder is easy. You just need to turn valve on and adjust the flow rate as required. Put the nasal cannula in your nose. Now just relax and breath. If you feel uncomfortable then reduce the flow rate.

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